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Enterprise Learning Program

KnowledgeTorch is a leading provider of professional training solutions worldwide. Professionals from across 145+ countries including aspirants from the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies have used KnowledgeTorch’s learning methodology to grow their careers. With its flagship Enterprise Learning Program (ELP) platform, has helped organizations empower their employees with the right skills and knowledge of best practices for excellence at work.

Corporate Clients

The wide array of blue-chip companies in our portfolio is the testimony to our propositions of business values and delivery models. We also see it as an endorsement of our best services and timely support.

On-Site On-Demand Solutions

How often have you felt the need to have your workforce’s knowledge and skills upgraded so that they may add more value to your organization, but could not spare the time for them to attend training away from the workplace?

Do your employees work in an environment with specific learning needs?

KnowledgeTorch training courses will help you deliver smarter solutions on time and within budget. From basic to advanced training for your employees, we delivers the skills needed at every level of your development.

Choose from our globally acclaimed, ready-made training solutions or get customized training to suit organization specific needs.

Consistent Training Delivery Model

Are you an organization with multiple offices in different locations? Does uniform training of employees across locations seem challenging? Our Consistent Training Delivery model enables you to avail the same quality of training for your employees spread across geographies.

KnowledgeTorch standardized learning modules ensure that users get the same quality of learning across the training programs conducted globally. Our global presence eliminates the need for you to assemble all employees at one location.

Irrespective of which geographical locations your offices may be at, our international faculty of trained experts will ensure that each employee across multiple locations is on the same page since the courseware used by them to train professionals is standardized by KnowledgeTorch.

This not only saves time but also reduces costs.

Continuous Learning Advantage

Do you worry about post-training support for the employees?

Our classroom training are followed up by e-learning solutions that complement the learning process and provide required support to the learners through 24*7 logon to learning materials, live weekly webinars and much more.

This enables the trainee to be in constant touch with the learning process and benefit from a slew of support functions that are at his/her service at all times, helping not only retentiveness but also enabling a continuous learning advantage.

Professional Training for Workforce Development

Workforce Development through training is a critical human capital system concerned with developing a productive workforce, identifying future needs, competencies and determining both proficiency and skill levels as well as gaps of employees at all levels.

KnowledgeTorch provides services for enterprises, small and medium businesses to add value to their workforce development.

KnowledgeTorch’s training aim to:

Provide cost effective, high-quality and timely training solutions to enhance the ability of all employees to effectively perform their duties. Provide competency based leadership training and developmental opportunities and staff to enhance individual performance as well as to support continuous learning at all levels. Optimize the use of available technology to enhance and deliver training solutions, promote increased understanding, and enable efficient sharing of knowledge, experience, and ideas.